Remodeling Services

We offer end-to-end consultation services for property owners and investors.

Parkview has successfully remodeled several projects to-date throughout Southern California, and we are eager to offer our services to other homeowners or investors who are in need. With a full-service construction team, we can implement a strategy tailored to your vision for your property and provide a cost breakdown analysis for each project. This service includes interior and exterior design, permitting and construction. Contact us now for more information.

Exterior of a newly remodeled house


5109 Lincoln Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA

We purchased this duplex in 2018 and it was in serious disrepair. The property consisted of a rundown concrete driveway, no front gate or exterior landscaping, and a broken exterior fence. The interior was in poor shape with leaking pipes, wood rot, and outdated fixtures and appliances. The interior was gutted and taken down to the studs. Wood was replaced where necessary, the foundation was reinforced, and new hardwood floors were installed. We put in new cabinetry and stainless steel appliances were installed, including quartz countertops in the kitchens. All existing concrete was removed and replaced with a new parking area and driveway. Exterior landscaping and fencing was installed including a fully electric front gate. Each unit now has an outdoor common area with beautiful landscaping.

Before the Remodel

After the Remodel

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